Happy Birthday to me.

There are now actual CDs for sale through the bandcamp store, and some people have already noticed this and have been buying! Which has really made me smile. Those initial orders have been posted, and it’s all gone swimmingly. So, yeah, Bandcamp is pretty damn handy to use. It’s also the best way to make sure most of the money you choose to spend on music goes directly to the artist in question. To top it off, there’s a plethora of audio formats to choose from if you’re getting a download – one person got in touch to say it was great to be able to get the record in FLAC format. So, for audio nerds, that’s definitely the store to go to if you want the highest quality audio version of the album.

Today is my birthday! It’s been about a year since I decided to record an album, and it’s nice to be able to say that in that time I found a studio I could work in, raised the extra cash I needed, and put out an album of my own music for the first time. Birthdays are always more about setting new goals for me than any other time of year, and I’m busy working away at ideas for how to promote the album more, finding more places to gig, and looking at all the other songs I have written that I want to record. I’ve another album of music sitting waiting for its time to get recorded.

But, for now, it’s still the time to focus on Wires, and helping the project unfold and develop more. I’m working on some videos and trying to get the music heard by more and more people. I have been toying away with ideas for re-working this website completely to give a different sort of focus to it, and realising that I’m utterly rubbish at web design (any volunteers?) but I’ve a load of content nearly ready to go up as supporting material for the record.

Honestly, the best birthday present I could imagine would be more people being introduced to my music and enjoying it. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing one of my tracks posted as someone’s jam, or getting a message on twitter or on the forums about the album from people I don’t know well at all, or that email from Bandcamp telling me someone else decided it was worth spending their money on my music. There honestly is no better feeling in the world.