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clocks / 2015

A commission for Off Beaten Path Dance for their piece of the same title.

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for night skies / 2014

loss, nighttime, dark skies, and the dawn.

short instrumental pieces for solo piano.

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the bay / 2014

when spring wants to be summer

A sample of my newer songs. This was recorded in the same sessions as for night skies.

off beaten path dance company

Off Beaten Path

contemporary dance from the west of ireland

Musical director and composer. Currently developing their debut full length piece, after a number of very successful short pieces.

Check out their work: Off Beaten Path Dance.

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Wires / 2011

heartbreak, alienation, and glimmers of hope.

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I write my
own soundtrack

I've been playing piano for as long as I can remember. I'm still learning.

My debut album came out in 2011 after years of playing other people's music without much success.

There's a blog of sorts on tumblr, if you're interested in my intermittent brain dump.

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Sound quality will vary from in-studio demos, to stuff I jot down on my phone, or with my home setup.


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